Focus ecology

ADRA Germany supports ecological sustainability by means of integrated programs. These programs take an entire situation into consideration, so that the execution of an isolated program does not induce an unexpected consequence, when disregarding framework conditions. Thus our cooperation is required to attend to many areas and especially to support village-communities, so that every individual is able to self-sustain.

In this manner, ADRA is able to support the spreading of and access to renewable energy in Somaliland, Puntland and southern central-Somalia. In rural Somalia more than 95 percent of the population cannot access electricity. About 96 percent of all energy consumption derives from biological substances such as wood or charcoal. That fact doesn't merely imply high costs, it also leads to more desert areas as well as evoking faster climate change due to the increased CO2 emissions. The use of open cooking areas is hazardous for health and the insecure power supply inhibits social and economical advancement. On the one hand, public buildings such as schools as well as economical firms depend on electricity. On the other hand, electrical accessibility in rural areas increases the occupational possibilities of the people there, thus enhancing and augmenting their quality of life. Poverty and hunger as negative factors can be removed and many tasks of agriculture are simplified immeasurably. This is why ADRA supports the distribution of solar energy, as it represents a sustained and beneficial source of energy that is worthwhile in hindsight.