Focus Africa

ADRA Germany is a founding member of ”United for Africa”. ”United for Africa” is a union comprised of more than 20 relief and developmental organizations. All participating organizations are dedicated to a common cause: the improvement of Africa’s living conditions.

ADRA has a cooperative approach: The projects are developed by experienced native experts on-site that are familiar with the local language, culture and religion. Thus ADRA can effectively assist with short term acute situations as well as long term developments in a low priced and efficient manner.

For almost 20 years ADRA has been committed to the educational sector in Somalia and Somaliland. For this, ADRA has a holistic approach, that applies to the infrastructure as well as to economical and political frame conditions.

In a project of 2014 that lasted two and a half years and was partially financed by the European Union, ADRA built two new schools run by solar energy in Mogadishu and Baidoa. ADRA decided to use PV-solar energy to supply the schools, because it is a sustainable energy source of a lower price in the long term. Environmental awareness of the population as in sensitization in daily life is just as important as building an infrastructure to implement and maintain solar technology. Additionally a syllabus had to be devised according to the latest educational guidelines. Teachers had to be recruited and instructed professionally. All of these measures contribute to establishing a solid foundation for Somalia’s educational system.